A massage therapist is an individual that has been professionally trained in the enhancement of people’s well-being by moving the soft tissues around peoples’ bodies with appropriate techniques and methods that will not harm the body. Those soft tissues include ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Those who are interested in becoming a massage therapist or getting involved in a career that includes giving massages would have to attend specific classes to learn about these tissues, methods, and techniques.

A professional massage therapist must also be licensed in their specialized industry of healthcare and that massage industry of healthcare includes giving treatment to relax muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries, take away the pain, and encourage the overall health and wellness of all clients. There are many people that choose to search for massage therapists. People want to get massages from businesses and individuals that are professional at all times. Massage therapists provide such a personalized and intimate service that starting a massage business the professionalism is very much needed. People also seek out massage therapists so that they can take advantage of all the amazing and useful benefits.

To become a profitable and professional massage therapist, you are required to attend a certification program for massage therapy. In this program, you would complete coursework and have the opportunity to do some hands-on massage training. After that, you would be required to pass a licensing exam. Once you have completed those steps, you can apply for a massage therapy license in your state. If you choose, you can get an Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy. This would offer you more information and the opportunity for higher learning and advancement in the massage therapy profession.

There are two types of massage certifications that those seeking a career in massage therapy typically get. Though these certifications seem similar, they allow massage therapists to choose a unique career path with a variety of options. Those certifications are:

  • A certified professional in therapeutic massage is usually applied toward chiropractic doctors, hospitals, and private massage therapy practices. Though this is the most common career that someone with this type of massage certification will choose, it is possible to do other types of professional massage work with this certificate.
  • A certified professional in relaxation massage would usually go on to work in massage centers and massage franchise situations. This is because relaxation is what most people would expect out of a massage center whether it operates as a standalone business or in a mall, resort, or hotel. Though everything about your situation is still very professional and all the health care benefits still apply, most people are more concerned with relieving stress and feeling good when they receive a relaxation massage. This particular certification does not limit you from working in the massage therapy health care fields and allows for more possible options as well.

Benefits of Becoming a Massage Therapist

A career in massage therapy is an excellent choice for many reasons, including: 

  • A licensed and professional massage therapist has learned tons of good information about health care and the human body. This knowledge paves the way for a very flexible schedule of independence in a massage therapy business if one chooses. There is opportunity for a bright present and future considering the high demand for massage therapists. This demand is actually so high that this career is expected to have a job industry growth of more than 20% by the year 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Being a massage therapist allows you to have a professional career in healing from the heart and hands without the use of medication or any type of drugs. This works out very well because natural living is really on the rise as people become more and more educated about health and how to take better care of themselves. Massages also help people to feel more powerful in their ability to heal their body without chemicals and medications and have great health.
  • There are a number of valuable and well-known careers that a licensed massage therapist can have including being a doctor, acupuncturists, nurse, chiropractor, physical therapist. This means you can get certified and licensed in massage therapy but still choose a very different job title if it is more appealing to you.
  • There are also numerous job and business options such as working in a massage center, owning a massage franchise establishment, owning or working in a senior care company, working on an exciting cruise ship, and more.

Franchise Opportunities in the Massage Therapy Industry

The massage industry is quite a fast-growing industry with earnings totaling up to $18 billion in revenue every year. In the past people didn’t really get massages because it was mainly viewed as a luxury when going to the massage center or somewhere similar. These days, a lot more people are enjoying a regular massage because healthcare professionals are advising their patients to use massage therapy to treat certain ailments, aches, and pains as well as for its many health benefits. Because of this, there is a rising need for massage professionals that are affordable which create the perfect opportunity for a massage franchise for tons of entrepreneurs in this industry.

There has never been a more promising time to be a massage therapist and it is something that attracts people from everywhere with any type of income. A massage franchise has a lot to offer which means the prices and packages can be flexible with many options. If there is one thing much of this country has in common, it is the amount of time everyone is spending on the go. No one has time to sit down and relax anymore. A nice, relaxing massage and all the services that are offered in massage centers appear to people as a special, luxurious treat with benefits and now that massage treatment has been accepted into the mainstream of medical care, the chance for good revenue in the industry is increasing every year. There is really no doubt that a massage franchise is an amazing investment opportunity with room for growth and advancement.

Starting Your Own Massage Therapy Franchise

Now that you know all about the growth of the entire massage industry, it’s time for you to be your own boss by starting a massage therapy business for yourself and while you’re at it, you can aim for your highest potential with a profitable massage franchise. With a massage franchise you can own and operate your very own professional massage center with a practice that’s tried and true in a place that is already protected. You will have many great and loyal clients with many services available to offer those clients. Therefore, those great services and those wonderful clients all equal more revenue for you.

Once you get started, there are so many more ways for you to make the most of your massage franchise including:

  • You can use your sales skills to bring in new customers by being persistent in a way that is not pushy, uncomfortable, or aggressive. It is easy to simply let the massage benefits speak for themselves and every person that seems too busy for a chat will take your business card and soon realize just how much a nice massage will do for their busy, tired, and stressful lives.
  • Your services can include things like facials, manicures, pedicures, and lots of other treatments that are good for the body and relaxing to peoples’ muscles and minds. With a massage business, you have the opportunity to really connect with your clients by talking with them as you apply your relaxing techniques. When you develop a good relationship, your clients will be recurrent and long-lasting.
  • Everyone knows the basic of massages and has experienced getting one themselves or seen a massage being done on someone else somewhere, even if the only times they’ve seen it has been on a movie or show. That means everyone knows how good and relaxing it looks. Depending on the location, layout, and design of your franchise, some people could possibly see you and your staff in action. If so, it’s very likely for your services to sell themselves as peoples’ bodies naturally respond to the temptation of relieving so much tension.

So, it seems that along with all the spectacular benefits that come with being in the massage industry you also have an easy surefire way to market your services plus all the great things that come with owning a massage franchise business. That franchise investment ensures you have an established business model and team of professionals that will stand by you every step of the way. It’s time to put your passion and skills to work by giving yourself the investment of a lifetime. You can claim your part of this vast industry now by becoming the owner of a massage therapy franchise while it’s high and on the rise.