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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I expect to make?

There are a lot of factors that will influence success. It will depend on the market you select and what the competition is in that area. However, your success will mostly depend on your ability to sell, to operate efficiently and to provide your clients with an excellent customer experience that keeps them coming back. Meaning do you have the drive and managerial skills that it will take to implement all the processes that make up the Massage Life Center concept. As you know, there are no guarantees in any business. We provide the tools and systems to help you succeed.

Why did you decide to franchise?

We always knew we would franchise this brand from the very beginning. We have always had a strong desire to help other people succeed in business. We are very passionate about helping people, like yourself, to own and operate their own businesses.

What is the best market to open in?

There are a lot of factors that go into finding an ideal place to open a Massage Life Center. That is something that we will assist you in when you get to that point within our process. That will be part of the support you that you will receive.

Do you have any preferred lending partners?

There are no particular financial lending institutions that we directly work with for the purpose of franchisee financing. However, there are a lot of financing options available for you to pursue, and if requested we can provide advice as we deem appropriate. Of course you will need to work directly with any lender you choose as we do not get directly involved in the financing process.

Are all of your stores profitable?

As you may be aware, the FTC regulates what can be said in the franchise sales process. Under the law, we are only entitled to discuss financial results that we have incorporated into our FDD. And for that reason, unfortunately, we are not in a position to discuss sales or earnings with you through this website, but if you move forward with the franchise sales process we will provide you with certain information on these topics via our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). That being said, I think it is important to point out there are a lot of factors that will influence your financial results. Your territory. The competition. How hard you are willing to work. How closely you monitor your expenses. All of these will have a role. I wish I could be more helpful, but the fact is that your success is going to be largely up to you. We will give you the tools you need, but it is going to be largely up to you.

What makes Massage Life different?

Another great question! Our entire look and feel is totally different than anyone else out there. We have a very high end look and feel without the high fees of an upscale spa. In our opinion, our customer service is second to none. And the customer service piece is something we get more into farther along into the process. We have client perks that others do not (hot towels infused with essential oils, heated neck wraps, aroma eye pillows, neck bolsters, table extenders, complimentary wine, coffee, or tea, the whisper room, the equipment and unique retail items).

Why monthly memberships?

This provides a monthly revenue stream (we will provide more detail around this).

Can you send me the FDD?

We will provide you with a copy of the FDD at the appropriate time during the sales process in accordance with the FTC franchise rule (and in any event before our face-to-face discovery day). We will need you to acknowledge receipt of the FDD once you have received it. The FDD is a complex document that we will explore in depth prior to, and during, your discovery day. You will get a much better understanding of what we provide and the strengths of our organization at our discovery day.

How much will it cost me?

That is hard to say exactly as each franchisee’s circumstances are unique, but we estimate that your initial investment costs to get your center open will range anywhere from $240,400 to $641,000.

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- Stephanie S. (Franchise Owner)

"Choosing Massage Life Center has been the best business decision of my life. Out of all the franchises, MLC hands down far exceeds any other spa concepts and business processes. I chose this franchise because they not only are on the leading edge of the spa industry, but they have set themselves apart from all other franchises. From the very first day of considering this franchise, they have been nothing but amazing to answer any questions and taking the time to explain and support me thru every step of the way. The support I have received and continue to receive is far more than you would get from any other franchise. It's nice to have such an amazing team that cares as much about my success as I do. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this rapidly growing franchise."
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- Shauna D.

“I've been a member to a few different massage establishments, and none compared to the experience at Massage Life Center. My daughter and I both went in for initial massages yesterday. When we left in the car we were talking about how every single detail of our experience was amazing from the moment we walked into the door until the moment we left. Everyone was happy and eager to serve. We felt like princesses the entire time. I have serious back issues, and my chiropractor and acupuncturist recommended I get back into massage. I am sold and I won't go anywhere else but Massage Life, for Life!"
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- Kim H.

"A friend of mine recommended that I get a massage... As I walked through the doors any anxiousness I had was melted away by the comforting smell and relaxing decor/environment. I was impressed with the customer service provided by the front desk. The massage, well that’s indescribable, it truly is an experience. I was very impressed all the way around and will continue to visit this establishment. I highly recommend Massage Life Center of Highland Village to anyone needing sometime to themselves, this is an investment in your well being (and well worth it)."
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- Michelle G.

"I decided to try this place because I drive by it all the time. I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like, but was very excited to walk into a very comfortable and welcoming environment. The waiting room service (wine, hot neck pillow, whisper room) was great, the massage was tailored and great! And everyone was so helpful and friendly. I couldn’t resist becoming a member and can’t wait to go back!"
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- Lacey P.

"I've been a customer of this place for 5 years now, and am still impressed every visit. It's a guaranteed relaxing & refreshing every time! They also have an amazing gift boutique for special gift needs! Great place!!" - Lacey P.
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- Stephanie H. (Franchise Owner)

"After researching a variety of franchise opportunities, my husband and I agreed on entering the massage industry. We had our initial meeting with Massage Life Center, and from that day on we knew it was the right fit for us... the unique ambiance and attention to client experience made MLC stand out. From site selection, to opening day and beyond, the support we have received has been outstanding... We are so thankful to have ended up with a company that values their franchisees as much as their corporate locations. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat...!"
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