Starting a small business is an exciting and rewarding process, one that requires effort, patience, and vision, especially if you’re doing so from scratch. And while lots of potential business owners are fine with that, many others might feel overwhelmed by the work required to open a business. But the good news is, if you’re entrepreneurially-minded and are wondering about how to start a massage business, it’s easier than you think — especially when you partner with Massage Life Center. The 6 simple steps you’ll follow to own and operate one of our franchise locations are straightforward and transparent, and our proven business model will take a lot of the guesswork out of running your Center. Let’s take a brief look at how to start a massage business with us, here.

Getting to Know Each Other

The first step toward owning your Massage Life Center is to fill out our inquiry form and request more information. Once we’ve received that, we’ll schedule a 30-minute pre-qualification kick-off call that will allow us to answer your questions and get to know each other better. A later discovery call with our VP of Franchise Development will be more in-depth and will enable us to learn more about your qualifications, experience, and expectations. It’s important that our visions and values align so that we can work together to grow your Center and the Massage Life Center brand. If we think there’s a good fit, we’ll provide you with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), an important legal document that outlines everything you need to know about us, our history, and our responsibilities to our franchisees, as well as what will be expected of you financially and otherwise. You’ll have a minimum of two weeks to read our FDD before moving forward.

The Financials

The next few steps in how to start a massage business with us, will be to discuss financing and funding. As with any business, starting one will mean you’ll need capital and liquidity, and we require both from our potential investors. And while we don’t work with any lending institutions in particular, we do have third-party financing vendors that we can connect you with. We know there are many financing options available and are happy to provide you with advice. Now would be the time, too, to reach out to current Massage Life Center owners to learn more about their experiences in general, and the processes they went through of securing financing in particular.

The Final Steps

Your next step will be to spend the day visiting other Massage Life Centers, meet our founder and our leadership team, and bring up any final questions or concerns you might have. We’ll spend more time discussing the brand and your goals, and take more time to get to know each other. After this, our last step will be to make a decision about awarding you a Center. If we do, you’ll sign the franchise agreement, pay your franchise fee, and begin your life as the proud owner of a new Massage Life Center!

If you’re excited about the possibility of business ownership and would like to learn more about how to start a massage business, get in touch with us today!